• Heated Biergarten Our Garden is Open with Retractable Aunings During the Sommer Months, and Covered with Gas Heaters During the Winter Months
  • House Rules No Outside Food or Drinks
    No Balloons
    No Minors After 8pm
    No Strollers on Saturdays
    No Bikes
  • Please Do Respect the Directions Given by Our Staff
    Drink Responsibly
    Share Our Communal Tables with All Patrons
    Celebrate and Have Fun!!

Event Schedule

December 10th

Cocek Brass Band

3 PM

DJ Pumpkin

10 PM

December 11th

Raderman Trio

7 PM

December 12th

Ben Flocks

8 PM

December 13th

Seth Kessel and The 2 Cent Band

8 PM

December 14th

Bjorn Ingelstam's Hot 5

9 PM

December 16th

Noelle & The Filthy No-No's

9 PM

December 17th

High & Mighty Brass Band

3 PM

Dj BlackTyAffair

10 PM

December 19th

Bee's Knee's

8 PM

December 20th

The Bailsmen

8 PM

December 21st

The Bayou Guise

9 PM

December 22nd

Underground Horns

9 PM

December 23rd

Spin Kick

9 PM

December 24th


12 AM