• No Reservations » First come, first served.
  • Heated Biergarten
  • Parties » Please be advised that Radegast hall do not allow for any outside food or drinks. Should you chose to bring an outside dessert, a cake plating fee of $2 for every member of your party will apply. Kindly do not redecorate Radegast for your party. -No Balloons (We promise not to decorate your place)

Event Schedule

August 23rd

Carte Blanche

8 PM

August 24th

Noelle & The Filthy No-No's

9 PM

August 26th

Outer Boro Brass Band

9 PM

August 27th

No Small Money Brass

3 PM

DJ Pumpkin

10 PM

August 28th

Koran Agan

1:30 PM

Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers

7 PM

August 29th

Ultra Faux and friends

8 PM

August 30th

Fatum Brothers Quartet

8 PM

August 31st

John Fatum & Friends

9 PM

September 1st

Bjorn Ingelstam's Hot 5

9 PM

September 2nd

Misha & The Savages

9 PM

September 3rd

Kings County Pleasure Club

3 PM

DJ Chad Dubz

10 PM

September 5th

Michael Sheridan

8 PM

September 6th

Bee's Knee's

8 PM